Sunday, January 15, 2017

My breakfast homework

Girls from the 6-a class sent a homework

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  1. I usually have two or three meals a day on weekdays and four meals on my day off.
    Because I don’t often have an opportunity to have a dinner when I’m at school.
    My meals are: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper or tea.
    Some of my friends have a snack rather than a meal in the morning.
    But my breakfast is a full meal and I have it at 7 o’clock.
    It is usually bacon and eggs.
    Afterwards come sandwiches with butter and cheese or sausages, or sometimes jam.
    Then I drink tea or coffee.
    I have lunch at about 12 o’clock.
    It starts with fruit juice.
    Then I have a vegetable salad and sandwiches again or pies with tea.
    Dinner is at three or four o’clock.
    For dinner I have soup or borsch for starter, and meat or fish with a lot of vegetables for main course.
    For dessert I often have stewed fruit or jelly.
    And at last supper.
    It is at seven or eight.
    My mother usually cooks fried fish and mashed potatoes, beefsteak and omelette.
    And salads, of course.
    Then I prefer a glass of warm milk with biscuits.
    Sometimes before going to bed I drink orange juice or eat an apple.


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